• 2010-07-14

    There are so many things in my heart but cannot say......... - [小生活]


    I went to Guangzhou for an interview, but the city didn't look like so much pleasant as the first time I visited. Then Shenzhen passed by, HK was in front of me. CUHK was not my plan because I started to hate the wet weather and school bus. Although Cantonese was still familiar,I couldn't speak just only one Cantonese sentence. Shatin was nice and Mong Kok was cheap. It's a good idea to start playing the role of mainland tourist, using Mandarin and brushing UnionPay card.

    I lost in HK.

    Actually the one year life spent there was not so diverse. The only difference is that I became much more self-closed than before, or than the Nankai time. I moved in a very small circle and had only few friends. However, I was safe. At least I had the whole library and so many shopping malls were waiting for me if I felt bored.

    Life was same, but HK is so different.

    I missed Bang everyday and everytime. So the poor girl came back and her life became happy again. Every Bang's dish was delicious and every his smile was attractive. Definately it's one of the best time in my life. Even the summer looks like so different.

    Try the best to treat myself better to avoid hesitation. Gym everyday and facial mask every night, those things refill an empty life.

    That's the day what we call it Rizi. If I still feel tired, that would because there are so many words still in my heart.

    I'm not scared.



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