• 2009-02-06

    Advertising - [事业线]


    In this day and age, it is generally acknowledge that advertisement enjoys the popularity around the world. Yet in the meanwhile, the influence of advertising has sparked heated debate. Some individuals assert that advertising is not beneficial for the quality of commodities while many others believe that advertising improves not only the quantity of sales but also the quality of products. Personally, I am in favor of the latter opinion.


    Convinced arguments can be made that, in modern society, advertisement, as a promise of the quality of goods, can nicely express the functions and features of commodities. In other words, commodities are the foundation of advertisement. From this point of view, the progress of advertisement greatly represents the quality improvements of commodities. In the second place, most companies face fierce competition and suffer from great market pressure because of the development of advertising, including pictures, slogans and videos. Apparently, producing high quality commodities and then utilizing excellent advertisement to publicize is the best way for those companies to deal with competition and occupy market. The third reason that advertising exerts the profound influence on the quality of commodities is that advertisement let the high quality goods become more and more popular. It means that the low quality productions are eliminated in the competition with the help of advertising. Specifically, it is the particular way that advertising improves the quality of commodities.


    Admittedly, advertising also brings about some disadvantages. To be more exactly, some advertisements exaggerate the performances of the products, causing customer deception which is not beneficial for the development of products’ quality. Yet in this present-day society, with the advertising regulation and supervision is strengthen, this phenomenon has a great decrease.


    To conclude, the advertising improves not only the quantity of sales, but also the quality of goods is increased. I firmly believe that as the development of advertising, both of the sales and quality of commodities would have a better future.



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