• 2009-02-06

    The Problems with The 21st Century - [事业线]


    In this day and age, the human society is progressing rapidly on various fields. Ye at the some time, many problems have arisen which have drawn widespread attention. In this essay, I will analyze some problems and phenomenon and then propose some solutions.


    It is obvious that the issues in the 21st century are diverse. To begin with, environmental problems, including greenhouse effect, forest decrease and species extinction, has posed a threat to the life of human beings. For instance, because of humankind’s activities, the area of rainforest located in South America is dropping at an unbelievable rate which has detrimental influence upon our nature around the world. In the second place, how to deal with the energy crisis has become a debatable issue in 21st century. Apparently, there are increasingly amount of individuals and households prefer to private cars as the transport tool, generating a tremendous consumption of energy. It seems that energy problem, regarded as one of the most significant problems in modern society, is urgent to be solved. Thirdly, there are still several regional wars going on in the world in present day. As a consequence, there are thousands of common people died every day because of wars. Thus, it is essential and necessary to do our best to promote global peace and harmony.


    Accordingly, there are various solutions to those issues around the world should. Firstly, governments should take measures to arise people’ consciousness about environment protection through different types of way, for instance, advocating people stop using one-off production. Secondly, government should promote the energy revolution as soon as possible. To be more exact, encouraging citizens utilizing public transportation and developing new energy are reasonable solutions coping with energy crisis. Lastly, as war is a threat to people’s life, international society has a duty to remove the barrier for peace as well as maintain the theme of harmony. Moreover, international organizations and public opinion should play their role in regional conflicts and tension helping more and more people away from wars.


    To conclude, even though there are several problems with the 21st century, I am convinced that the social development calls for our optimistic attitude. We should take measures to solve those issues at once for our better future.



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