• 2009-01-31

    The Popularity of English - [事业线]


    In present-day society, the English language is enjoying popularity around the world. But in the meantime, whether English poses a threat to the existence of lesser-known languages has become a debatable issue. Some individuals believe that the popularity of English brings about greatly beneficial impact while many others assert that the adverse conditions are more serious than people think. Personally, I am in favor of former, namely, the advantages of English spreading outweigh the disadvantages.


    Convincing arguments can be made that English popularity exerts profound influence on the whole world. To begin with, English promotes the communication and interaction among different nations. Specifically, English, which is regarded as the only common language around the world, is playing an essential role in international business negotiation, state visits and global culture exchange. In the second place, English creates numerous opportunities of broadening horizons and learning about the world for those people who come from non-English speaking nations. Apparently, since English has been widely utilized in global mass media, such as internet, publications and advertisements, the best way to know the world is to use English as the powerful language tool. Lastly, with the trend of globalization, English also has become the necessary ability in modern civilization, particularly in the situation of job-hunting or international travel.


    Admittedly, English’s popularity generated the disappearance of minority languages every year, which induces a few disadvantages. Obviously, the currently tendency of English spreading is making people have less opportunities to use their native languages. Moreover, English thinking style has been changing a great many different types of traditional cultures. Even so, compared with the disadvantages, the benefits English brings about deserve to draw much more public attention.


    In summary, English’s popularity is in the best interests of the development of the whole world, removing the barrier for international communication, enriching people’s experience. I am convinced that we should promote the extension of English and take measures to protect lesser-known languages.