• 2009-01-30

    Animal Consumption - [事业线]


    In this day and age, whether stopping using animals as sources of food and clothing has become a highly debatable issue. Some individuals assert animals is a necessary and significant source of food and clothing while many others argue that we should totally abandon using animals made of food and clothing. To my mind, human beings would be well-advised to protect animals. Declining the amount of using animals as sources of food and clothing step by step may be the most reasonable solution in present-day society.


    Convincing arguments can be made that we should not make efforts to satisfy our material desire at the expense of animals. To begin with, the consumption of animals has posed a threat to animals’ rights to live. Despite animals are the best friends of human race, killing a huge number of animals everyday may lead to extinction of some certain species. In the second place, using animals as sources of food and clothing has exerted detrimental influence on our environment. For instance, consuming meat as food uses much more resources than consuming non-animal food, such as numerous land, water, energy and feed. There is no doubt that raising animal as food source generates a large range of pollution upon our nature, even the pivotal reason for greenhouse effect. Last but not least, it is not healthy that using animals as sources of food and clothing for humankinds, physically and psychologically. Specifically, eating too much meat is the reason for a great many diseases, overweight problem, heart disease and so on. Additionally, unrealistic comparing phenomenon has started to become popular as the result of using animals for clothing.


    Admittedly, evidences provide that totally stopping animal consumption also exerts some negative influence upon our lives. Obviously, vegetarian diet is not suitable for every person. Moreover, food industry may suffer from strong hit as a consequence of abandon policy. Even so, that does not mean that we can we can consume animals out of control. In stead, conservation and wise use of animal resources is everyone’s responsibility.



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