• 2009-01-29

    fuel prices - [事业线]


    In this day and age, the issue of fuel is becoming increasingly severe. In the meantime, whether to raise the price of fuel has sparked heated debate. Some individuals assert that price regulation is the best solution to environmental problems while many others argue that improving price is not the most reasonable measure of environment protection. Personally, I am in favor of the latter now.


    Convincing arguments can be made that it is not the permanent cure that increasing fuel prices, only scratching the surface. To begin with, blind price improvement may pose a threat to normal business order, because fuel price plays a key role in the international market. There is no doubt that abnormal fuel price fluctuation, which destroys demand and supply relationship, brings about detrimental influence upon global economy development. In the second place, increasing fuel prices may cause a broad range of social tension, anxiety and sadness about energy utility. Specifically, it is not helpful for peace and harmony in society. Last but not least, those strongly approve of raising fuel prices ignore the ordinary people’s rights of fuel utility. For instance, there will be numerous families cannot afford a private car if the gas price goes upward. In other words, a vast number of individuals could not use fuel regularly as a result of price improvement.


    Admittedly, raising the fuel prices does promote the development of environment protection, particularly in cities. Apparently, because of this fuel price policy, the air condition in cities has started to become cleaner and fresher. Even so, we should not adopt this temporary measure at the expense of economy, society as well as individuals.


    To conclude, I would concede that increasing the price of fuel is beneficial for solving the environmental issues. However, I don’t it is the most suitable method from the long-term view considering the factors of economy, society and individuals. Overall, I am convinced that we should focus on arising public awareness about environment protection and developing new energy in order to promote the sustainable development.