• 2009-01-28

    Building's Exterior - [事业线]


    In the present-day society, it is generally acknowledged that building’s exterior is playing increasingly significant roles in our lives. But in the meantime, some individuals assert that the function of a building outweigh the outward appearance. To my mind, their view is only partly true. I believe that, in modern city, exterior has become an indispensable and prominent part of a building.


    Convincing arguments can be made that outward appearance exerts profound influence on city development. To begin with, building’s exterior is the best way to convey the characteristic of a city. Specifically, a host of building has become the symbols of cities and an increasingly number of people around the world get to know those cities from their marked buildings, such as the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing. In the second place, the good-looking buildings can attract a great deal of visitors, promoting the development of local tourist industry and boosting the local economy. For instance, there are millions of tourists visiting the East Pour Tower in the city of Shanghai which brings about a considerable amount of revenue because of its attractive appearance. Last but not least, the outstanding exteriors of buildings also contribute to the prosperity of artistic project. In other words, the design concepts of architects are nicely expressed through the buildings’ appearances which could enrich citizens’ artistic experiences and broaden their horizons.


    Admittedly, paying too much attention has a few disadvantages. The reason for this is the useful value plays an essential role in a building. Apparently, the function of a building is still the fundamental section of a building which is in the best interests of users. Even so, it is not reasonable to design a building at the expense of exterior, leaving the building monotonous and unmotivating.


    To conclude, I would concede that the function of is one of the most crucial part of a building. Despite that, city’s development requires the attractive building. Building’s exterior is as significant as its function because it is beneficial for city’s construction, tourist industry as well as art prosperity.




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