• 2009-01-27

    National Defense - [事业线]


    In this day and age, it is a well-known fact that numerous countries are spending a vast amount of money on national defense. But in the meantime, whether government should continue funding national defense has become a highly debatable issue. Some individuals believe that government has the responsibility to continue funding national defense while many others argue that government should stop doing that. Personally, I am in favor of the former.


    Convincing arguments can be made that national defense is a wise and foresighted policy which may brings about a great deal of benefits for a nation. To start with, national defense plays an essential role in maintaining a country’s security. Therefore, it is necessary for government to provide financial aid constantly for national defense in order to keep its nation away from various types of threat, such as armed conflicts, terrorism attacks even wars. Moreover, dedicating money to national defense as well as military research may exert beneficial influence on the development of modern technologies. A case in point is, nuclear energy, originally designed for weapon, now is in the best interests of power source, contributing to the protection of natural resources, coal, oil and so on. Lastly, demand for weapon, uniforms, food and other commodities in armies create a considerable market for the domestic and international business, which make a contribution for the progress of globe economy.


    Admittedly, allocating too much money to national defense also has a few disadvantages. Some people insist that, as peace has become the main theme in the international community, government should put money on other significant areas (social development, environment development and so on) while national defense occupies a vast amount of national budget. Even so, national defense is an indispensable part of a country because peace and stability outweigh everything to some extent.


    In the final analysis, I would admit that there are many other areas government should give financial aid to. Despite that, spending in national defense promotes the development of peace and security for not only one country but also the whole international society. Overall, I firmly believe that government should continue funding national defense.