• 2008-12-17

    Throw-away society - [事业线]


    It seems that one-off productions, such as plastic bags and paper containers, enjoy the popularity in this day and age, which is regarded as a trend among modern individuals. However, considering the long-term social and natural development, the life style of throw-away should not be advocated in modern life.


    For one hand, general speaking, using one-off productions widely may waste a lot of natural resources. It is hardly to image that the precious materials such as wood and petroleum be made into one-off products, for instance, plastic bags and paper containers, and thrown away after using once rather than traffic construction or city development, particularly in the situation that the available resources are greatly increasingly strained.


    For another hand, throw-away society is not helpful to shape citizens’ saving consciousness and proper value. Apparently, the throw-away habit may let people ignore the importance of the commodities, which provided by society. To illustrate, when an economic crisis approaches, it is difficult for individuals, who used to the throw-away life style to lead lives in an economical way.


    There is no doubt that the environment around us will be damaged by the throw-away consuming style. Obviously, a cast number of useless plastic containers make cities look dirty and messy. Moreover, numerous trees have been being cut off to manufacture one-off productions to meet the needs of daily lives. As a consequence, the amount of trees which beatify our surroundings is declining at an appalling rate.  


    Due to the reality of our society, we have to take measures at once to alter the throw-away society thereby protecting our natural environment as well as ourselves, such as using bags and boxes repeatedly. Hence, the most important thing we should do is to appeal more and more individuals participate in the team of saving on resources.




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