• 2008-12-16

    Artistic Projects - [事业线]


    It is a striking fact that our government pays considerable attention on artistic projects. Although some people hold that there are more important things government should do, it is reasonable that art, the significant spiritual wealth of human beings, deserved to be supported by government. There are two explanations for this, namely, culture development and education construction.


    The first consideration is that as the great and remarkable achievements of human race, art conveys the precious spirit and cultural features of a nation or an area. More specifically, artistic projects, for instance, the paintings exhibition, the construction plan of gallery and museum, nicely express the history and culture of a nation or an area, as well as provide good opportunities for citizens to get reunion, learning the knowledge of national and international culture. Apparently, a great number of artistic projects have become the cultural symbols. Therefore they deserve to be constantly provided financial aid by government.


    Secondly, it is generally acknowledges that art education is an essential part of education system, particularly for young generation. Obviously, there is no better way than making students learn art knowledge face to face with the help of those paintings and sculptures appearing at public place, such as gallery, museum and so on. From this point of view, supporting artistic projects is a positive approach to promote the art education.


    Even though a few individuals object to government spending taxpayers’ money on artistic projects, since the art achievement and influence are not so easy to estimate as city construction or environmental protection. However, it is not the reason that artistic projects are not significant. By contrast, government has the responsibility to pay money and attention to those projects not only for cultural communication, but also for the art education. Additionally, it is imperative that government and public opinion may encourage social organizations and enterprises take action to participate in the financial aid to ease the burden of government and help the art development in future.  



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