• 2008-12-15

    communication ways - [事业线]


    Nowadays, fashion communication tools such as mobile phone and computer are starting to influence more and more people and change their communication styles. But is it certain that mobile phone and computers will instead of letters totally? Personally, I think a lot of contacting way including writing letters will be changed by modern tools, but I don’t agree with those people who support the skill of writing letters will disappear completely.


    To be honest, the use of mobile phone and computers play a more and more significant role in communication way while occupy the space of letters. Firstly, they are more efficient as well as timesaving. Even if you have something urgent, a telephone call or an email can help you solve it easily and timely. Secondly, they convey an impression of modern communication style provided by hi-technology which makes our lives more interesting and convenient. People all around the world can enjoy the joy of hi-tech products and thanks to these high-efficient tools, people can talk with each other freely no matter how long their distance it is.


    Although more and more people prefer to use mobile phone and computers, there are still a lot of fields in our daily lives need to utilize letters and other methods can not replace. For example, if a student want to apply a graduate program, it is necessary for him or her to submit letters of personal statement and recommendation written by hand. In addition, if a couple want to invite friends come to their party for some reason, they have to write the letters of invitation rather than just give them a call.


    Above all, modern contacting tools including mobile phone and computers and traditional ones just are two different ways of communication and have their own advantages respectively. I believe that modern products will change the situation of communication, but never replace the old ones.


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