• 2008-12-14

    financial aid - [事业线]


    The debate about whether it is a good phenomenon or not that poor countries provided by financial aid from the developed countries and international organizations has drawn a lot of public attention. In my opinion, with the tendency of globalization, objective influences are more than positive effects of developing countries financial aid.

    In the first place, it is hard to say that the financial aid does change the economic condition of poor countries effectively. Despite the efforts the poor countries made by themselves, there is no plenty evidence proves that the supporting money better the situation indeed as people thought. For example, millions of dollars are provided as financial aid for the some African nations every year, but the rate of starving population especially the proportion of children and women is not declining.

    Secondly, poverty-striken nations may be more and more independent which can be recognized one of paramount object impacts owing to the financial aid. A lot of governments of developing countries haven’t do their best to find a reasonable way to develop the local industry and improve citizens’ life level just because they are unusually depend on the financial aid which makes them lost their creativity and passion. Thus that’s why the financial aid doesn’t make condition better but worse.

    In another word, we have to admit that with the help of financial aid, there are lots of developing countries have their own factories and machines as the signals of the foundation of modern society. However compared with those horrible objective effects, the financial aid way is not the best way and even wastes a great amount of money.

    As what I have concerned, what we really should do to help those poor countries is to provided them the modern technologies and high-level education to their young generation rather than give them money directly. Helping them find the best suitable way for their development and change their traditional thinking pattern may be the best and realistic choice.



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