• 2008-12-13

    The Extension of English - [事业线]


    The influence of spread of English has been a popular public debate nowadays. It leaves people an impression that, English as a global language surely continues to impact on the whole world positively and greatly because its disadvantages are relatively limited. Meanwhile, some objectors indicate that the adverse conditions are more serious than people might think. In my opinion, I agree with the latter, that is the disadvantages of English spreading will not be overweighted by advantages in future.

    Firstly, the currently tendency of English extension is threatening the existence of other languages, especially the languages which little people use of them. In modern civilization, English is widely utilized in mass media, such as internet pages, books, magazines, advertisement, and also people’s daily lives, making people have less and less opportunities to use their native languages. We have to admit that the spread of English has played a negative role in language diversity which can’t be ignored.

    Secondly, English, possibly the only one global language continuing to spread is also not good for the development of multi-culture because language is the significant signal of culture. For instant, more and more Chinese young generation prefer to the popular, fashionable American culture which is largely changing their thinking patterns and culture values, rather than their traditionally national culture. Moreover, a great number of different types of culture are disappearing step by step because of the effect of English expansion.

    To be honest, the spread of English can better the communication of different counties and make this process more efficient in the environment of globalization. However, the disappearing of multi-language and culture features are deserve to draw much more public attention compared with the advantages of English spreading.

    Above all, I don’t agree with the opinion about the advantages of extension of English will continue to overweight its disadvantages, and we have to take action to protect the other languages and multi-culture in the whole world at once.



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