• 2008-12-12

    University fee - [事业线]


    Who should pay the course fee of university has become a popular social debate nowadays. In my opinion, college education, as one of the significant public products, should be paid by government mostly. On another hand, companies and social organizations may also do a favor for the university fees.


    Firstly, equality is the essential spirit of education. Governments providing financial aid for university students may guarantee every students receiving higher education equally no matter whether he or she comes from wealthy family or poor background. Most students in university received the government financial help needn’t worry about the economic problems in their daily lives, so they can pay all their attention on professional research and campus life.


    Secondly, making contribution to the whole society and nation by professional skills is one of the most important jobs for talent person who have the train in university. From this point of view, government, as the manager of the whole society, has the responsibility to provide financial aid of training talent person for the future development of a nation. W the help of government, the university students may be more motivated to service the society after they graduate.


    However, as the sponsor of college fee, government will bear a huge financial burden which is not good for the development of government itself and the whole society. Viewed from this angle, the large companies should take this opportunity to pay a part of education cost as a way of repaying society. It is also a kind of expression of corporate responsibility. Some society organizations, such as education foundation, also could do their best to help the university students who want to go to university but could not afford the course fee.