• 2008-12-11

    Advertisement - [事业线]


    There is no doubt that the influence of advertisements is tremendous. Consumers have to come across a lot of different types of advertisements everywhere in their daily lives, on streets, on TV, on newspapers and magazines, in letters and emails. To some extent, advertisement is a kind of business strategy in order to seek profits and increase impact for a company. 

    Advertisements deliver information of commodities to consumers in many different ways to let more and more people get familiar with the commodities and arouse their interest. The nice descriptions about commodities, the superstars as the spokesperson, the attractive prices, all of these methods are to gain consumers’ attention and let them feel obliged to buy the commodities home. 

    Moreover, through the commercial messages and styles, advertisements also deliver the company culture, guide consumption and even change people’s consumption concept. For example, “the bitten apple”, a great idea, the commercial slogan of Apple computer, which let people who see it associate the company’s creative feature, has been leading fashionable trend for a long time and makes MacBook become the most popular commodity around the world. 

    In any case, we have to admit that the negative influence brought by advertisements exists to some extent. Advertisements always exaggerate the real service of their commodities and the nice words about goods always let consumers waste their money to buy a lot of things they are not in need of.  

    From this point of view, a reasonable advertisement law which regulates the advertising behaviors is the best way to protect the consumers’ benefits. Government and public opinion also need to do their best to supervise the market, encourage more public-interest ads and arouse the consumers’ consciousness of self-protection.



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