• 2008-12-10

    Policy analyzing – Limit on Private Cars - [事业线]


    Recently, the Beijing Municipal government released a policy proposal saying that private cars should be limited in order to better the current situation of traffic. It rapidly becomes a pop social debate once proposed. A great number of observers and residents argued that the policy limiting on private cars is careless and unconsidered.

    In the first place, the policy damages the property rights of car owners, ignoring their proper benefits. It sure leads to the confusing feeling of those car owners in Beijing who purposed their cars through rightful way but can’t use them freely under the range of law. Viewed from angle, the car owners’ rejection is reasonable.

    Secondly, the policy may have a large negative influence on automobile industry. The implementing of limiting private cars may reduce people’s passion about automobile and then give a strike to the healthy development of automobile industry which is not only suitable for the globalization tendency but also harm for the local economy.

    To be honest, Beijing’s traffic situation is improved after policy taken. A lot of citizen response that there are fewer traffic jams and accidents in deed and the air condition is much better than before. However, a temporary, effective policy is not enough. What we really need is a scientific, long-term and humanistic policy. Form this point of view, there are still a lot of other measures can be used by government avoiding hurting the private cars owners benefits such as improving the city roads program and providing more comfortable public transportation (bus, railway and so on). Moreover, the most significant thing government should do is to raise the citizen’s consciousness about urban construction and protection. 



    香港PK悉尼 2010-12-10