• 2008-12-09

    E-commerce - [事业线]


    With the explanation of internet, electronic-commerce, as a type of B2C business way on internet, is enjoying popularity nowadays. More and more customers prefer shopping online while the position of traditional shopping style is under challenge. Why E-commerce becomes so popular? The following content may take Amazon, the largest international e-commerce company and the benchmarking of e-commerce field, as an example to give you some details and reasons.

    First of all, e-commerce provides a brand new shopping experience for its costumers. Since the rhythm of modern life is speeding up, compared with conventional shopping style, e-commerce is more efficient and time-saving which is most modern people in need of. For instant, there are millions of commodities on the website of Amazon, and customers only have to click mouse and fill in their contact and credit card details in order to obtain the commodities some time later. Some observers consider that it is the reform of shopping style in today modern networking society.

    E-commerce is virtual but its service is reality. The topping service quality, including wide-ranging commodities, inexpensive prices, fast delivery speed as well as the low rate of mistake is the success key of Amazon as the foundation that clients can enjoy the whole shopping process adequately and leave a wonderful memory. E-commerce is really humanistic because it conveys the impression of "service first".

    Thirdly, Amazon’s business strategy and advertising campaign are to be worth study as a reference. A lot of famous companies combine with Amazon, such as Yahoo and America Online. The tremendous brand effect attracts a really huge number of customers as well as makes Amazon occupy the market in relatively shorter time.

    Some observers believe that e-commerce still has a considerable space to develop. E-commerce gives its customers a fresh perspective toward business and we have enough reasons to look forward to its future.



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